Pec Fly Machine

Posted by Platinum on Monday 16 November 2015

Pec Fly Machine
Pec Fly Machine

The Pectoral Fly / Rear Deltoid Machine, aka Pec Deck, incorporates two different exercises. This page will describe the Pec Fly Machine. Below are some useful images to familiarize you with its features.

Watch the video for a good demonstration of how to use the machine. Two things not mentioned in the video:

  1. Before you begin, set the adjustment on the arms to the third notch from the front. This keeps your arms from going too far back, and straining your muscles.

  2. As you bring your arms forward, try to lift up at
  3. the same time. This makes it harder to do, so it isolates the chest to give you the best possible muscle tone.

adjust arms
Arms Adjustment
adjust weight
Weight Adjustment
start and end positions
Performing the Exercise
location of muscles
Muscles Exercised

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Pec Fly Machine Tutorial

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