Stretch Machine

Posted by Platinum on Sunday 20 November 2016

Stacie Carr Using the Stretch Machine
Lower Back Stretch

The stretch machine is used to maintain your flexibility. It not only helps to keep you limber, but also prevents injury during exercise. I always do back stretches after each of my heaving lifting sets, to help prevent recurrence of back problems I have experienced in the past.

Platinum Fitness has a Precor 240i StretchTrainer, which is specially designed to allow you to stetch your muscles while seated. It is provides good back support, while you use your own weight to stretch one of 8 major muscle groups: 1) Lower back, 2) Hamstrings, 3) Glutes/hips, 4) Hips/legs/back, 5) Inner thighs/groin, 6) Upper back, 7) Shoulders, and 8) Quads.

Read the instructions on the machine first, and watch the video below for a demonstration of two of the exercises.     ~ The Professor

stretch machine
Stretch Machine
instructions for lower back stretch
Instructions for Lower Back Stretch

Watch a video produced by 24 Hour Fitness Centers that demonstrates how to use the Precor StretchTrainer

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Seated Leg Press Machine

Posted by Platinum on Wednesday 23 December 2015

Seated Leg Press Machine
Seated Leg Press Machine

The Seated Leg Press Machine is good for people who are just starting to work out. It is easy to use, and creates a balanced leg workout. First adjust the height of the bench, using the lever under the seat. Then adjust the weight to whatever you like.

Here are some pictures showing the leg press machine at Platinum Fitness USVI, its adjustments, the muscles that it exercises, and how to use it. At the bottom of the page is a link to a video in which a trainer demonstates the machine. Clicking the link will overlay the video on top of the webpage. When you finish watching, just click the page outside the overlay, and the video will disappear.

adjust seat
Seat Adjustment
adjust weight
Weight Adjustment
body positions
Performing the Exercise
location of muscles
Muscles Exercised

Watch a video demonstrating how to use the Life Fitness leg press machine. ( Please be patient – the video takes time to load. )