Hip Adduction Machine

Posted by Platinum on Wednesday 12 July 2017

Hip Adduction Machine
Hip Adduction Machine

The Hip Adduction Machine is great for working the hip adductors – the muscles that attach from the inside of the knee up to the groin region. The traditional way to work this muscle would be with the use of ankle weights, or a pulley attached at the ankle – both of which can be cumbersome, difficult to set up, and time consuming. If you participate in sports that require movements from side to side this machine will help you.

Start this exercise by putting as much distance between the knees as possible ( like doing the splits ). Be careful not to hurt yourself by using too much weight too soon. Experiment with lighter weights until you become comfortable with heavier weights. Add a twist to this movement by trying to hold the knees as close as possible for a couple seconds before slowly returning to the starting position.

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Watch a video from Life Fitness demonstrating how to use a Hip Adduction Machine. ( The machine shown in the video is not exactly the same as the one in our gym, but the instructions are the same. )