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Posted by Platinum on Wednesday 30 September 2015
Here at Platinum Fitness, we provide the equipment, expertise, motivation, and atmosphere that will enable people of all fitness levels to achieve their individual fitness goals. We understand that exercise may be fun for some, but not everyone, and a downright struggle for others. We believe open communication between our management team and our members will help make achieving fitness goals that much more attainable. Above all, we promise to give 100% effort at all times! Keep up-to-date with all activities at Platinum Fitness USVI. Like us on Facebook and you’ll get all our new Facebook posts in your News Feed.  

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Valued Member Discount

Posted by Platinum on Wednesday 27 December 2017

Jump Start Special

Weight Rack

Platinum Fitness has a special for existing members – our valued member discount.

  • Pay for 3 months in advance.

  • Get $10.00 off each month.

Inquire at Front Desk – Limited Time Offer

Special Rates for New Members

Posted by Platinum on Friday 15 December 2017

Jump Start Your New Year’s Resolution

Aerobic Training Room

Platinum Fitness has a special. We’re offering special rates for new members:

  • Only 180.00 for 90 days.

  • No Registration required.

Inquire at Front Desk – Limited Time Offer

December 15th thru April 30th

Hip Adduction Machine

Posted by Platinum on Wednesday 12 July 2017

Hip Adduction Machine
Hip Adduction Machine

The Hip Adduction Machine is great for working the hip adductors – the muscles that attach from the inside of the knee up to the groin region. The traditional way to work this muscle would be with the use of ankle weights, or a pulley attached at the ankle – both of which can be cumbersome, difficult to set up, and time consuming. If you participate in sports that require movements from side to side this machine will help you.

Start this exercise by putting as much distance between the knees as possible ( like doing the splits ). Be careful not to hurt yourself by using too much weight too soon. Experiment with lighter weights until you become comfortable with heavier weights. Add a twist to this movement by trying to hold the knees as close as possible for a couple seconds before slowly returning to the starting position.

adjust start
Start Adjustment
adjust weight
Weight Adjustment
body positions
Performing the Exercise
location of muscles
Muscles Exercised

Watch a video from Life Fitness demonstrating how to use a Hip Adduction Machine. ( The machine shown in the video is not exactly the same as the one in our gym, but the instructions are the same. )

Stretch Machine

Posted by Platinum on Sunday 20 November 2016

Stacie Carr Using the Stretch Machine
Lower Back Stretch

The stretch machine is used to maintain your flexibility. It not only helps to keep you limber, but also prevents injury during exercise. I always do back stretches after each of my heaving lifting sets, to help prevent recurrence of back problems I have experienced in the past.

Platinum Fitness has a Precor 240i StretchTrainer, which is specially designed to allow you to stetch your muscles while seated. It is provides good back support, while you use your own weight to stretch one of 8 major muscle groups: 1) Lower back, 2) Hamstrings, 3) Glutes/hips, 4) Hips/legs/back, 5) Inner thighs/groin, 6) Upper back, 7) Shoulders, and 8) Quads.

Read the instructions on the machine first, and watch the video below for a demonstration of two of the exercises.     ~ The Professor

stretch machine
Stretch Machine
instructions for lower back stretch
Instructions for Lower Back Stretch

Watch a video produced by 24 Hour Fitness Centers that demonstrates how to use the Precor StretchTrainer

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Leg Extension Machine

Posted by Platinum on Friday 19 August 2016

Leg Extension Machine
Leg Extension Machine

Before using the Leg Extension Machine, watch the video below, and read the instructions on the machine itself.

This machine targets the quadriceps. It is perhaps the most difficult machine to set up properly. First you need to align the knee with the axis of the machine. To do this, adjust the back of the seat so that when you are seated the back of your knees are pressing firmly against the edge of the seat. If you feel slightly reclined, this is OK.

Second, adjust the lower leg adjustment pad above your foot so it rests on your shins. This position will reduce unnecessary strain on your ankle.

Finally, make sure your toes are slightly in front of your knee. Most people find position #10 on the upper leg adjustment will properly place the toes where they need to be, and still give maximum range of motion.

back adjustment for the leg extension machine
Back Adjustment
leg adjustment for the leg extension machine
Leg Adjustment
weight adjustment for the leg extension machine
Weight Adjustment
body positions for the leg extension machine
Performing the Exercise
muscles used in the leg extension machine
Muscles Exercised

Watch a video from Life Fitness demonstrating how to use the leg extension machine. ( Please be patient – the video takes time to load. )